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As an official Seven Seas Cruisers Association Cruising Station Host, Jesse James of 'Members Only' Maxi Taxi Service, along with Jack Dausend of Boaters Enterprise, are pleased to

Welcome all boaters to our shores!

Cruising Station Host Services:

1) Transportation to anywhere on the island get details on our website

2) Pets, Customs and Immigration information contact us directly

3) Tickets and Transport to events get details on our website

4) Advance information about a port and its facilities - Visit our co-host's website Boaters Enterprise Ltd.

5) Local maps and Port Guides contact us directly

6) Assistance in locating boat parts and services locally contact us directly

7) *Potlucks, especially around holidays (though cruisers need no excuse to party!)

8) Guest speakers and educational programs contact us directly

9) *GAMs and other get-togethers

10) *Social and cultural information and exchanges with local people

11) Humanitarian projects and community involvement contact us directly

12) *Activities which bring everyone together for a good time

* For items #7, #9, #10 and #12, dates, times and locations will be posted in this section as soon as they are available.

For details on all of the above services and more, we encourage you to get in contact with us.






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Short term climate conditions in Trinidad courtesy Yahoo!

Outings of the Season




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